Wines2Whales Pinotage 4-6 November 2024


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  1. To collect your bike, you must show us your ID or license.
  2. Save my number 082 446 5141 on your phone as a contact. I will be sending out WhatsApp messages with important info.
  3. Please hand in your bike as soon as possible after the race.
  4. Please note that we do not have any insurance on the bikes; please insure your bike properly and inform your insurance company about the transport of your bike.

For any further information, please email us at or call 082 4465 141
We have an unique “roll in roll out” system and it is not necessary to take apart your bicycle.
At Bicycle Transport we realize the value and costs associated with bicycles, and we guarantee that we will take care of your bike as if it were our own.

Bicycles must be handed in directly to me. If you want to drop your bike at the shop, you must make a private arrangement with the shop.


Lynnwood Cyclery, Monday before the race between 7h00 and 9h00.


Epic Sports, Monday before the race between 10h00 and 10h30. 


Ridgeway Cycles, Monday before the race between 11h30 and 12h00
Cycle Lab Fourways. Tuesday before the race between 8h00 and 09h30.

The Coopetto. Tuesday before the race between 10h00 and 10h30.
Sprocket and Jack, Tuesday before the race between 11h00 and 11h30

Pick up point:

You can collect your bike the afternoon before the race (13h00 to 16h00) or the morning of the race at the start venue. (From 7h00)

Bikes back in Gauteng after the race:

All E-Bikes will return with the Shiraz bikes in the truck.

You must collect your bike directly from me. If you want me to drop your bike at the shop, you must make a private arrangement with the shop. I will post the collection times on the WhatsApp group


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